About Us

About the Association


The Association was established in 1997, with the goal to provide businesses a means to interact with over 400 fellow businesses to promote commerce and provide a collective voice to our city governments. Our businesses generate millions in revenues in property, business, sales, equipment and payroll taxes every year.


With continuing cooperation from our cities, the Association has been able to improve infrastructure with wider, safer, updated roads and streets. Our park is among the safest in the area with constant police patrols and regulations for parking. City representatives regularly attend our meetings to keep us aware of projects status and solicit input from our members.


As The Association continues to grow and strengthen, we will maintain an adherence to our core values and vision. We strive to build a stronger Copeland Industrial Park with businesses that are revered as industry leaders and employees that have a high quality of life.

Leadership Team

Bryan Heldreth


JACKCRETE and RPC Industries, Inc.

Baylen McCarthy

Vice President

BSM Consulting and Covabadge

Renee Figurelle


Virginia Peninsula Foodbank

Help shape the future of the Copeland Industrial Park.