Our Programs

What are Copeland Connects?

Copeland Connects are quarterly opportunities for Copeland Park business leaders to network and learn in a comfortable environment. Food and drinks are usually provided, and the setting is laid back and casual. The main goal of this program is to foster a culture of collective innovation and partnership within the businesses of the Association.

Who can attend?

While many businesses exist in the Copeland Industrial Park, only members of the Association are permitted to attend Copeland Connects. Registration is required at least one week in advance, and the fee for attendance is contingent on the venue, food, and drink selection (the events may be free, or otherwise between $15 and $45).

Can I sponsor an event?

You sure can! Each event will have the opportunity for sponsorship between $100 and $500. Sponsorship opportunities will exist to secure venues, food catering, alcoholic beverages, and more. Depending on the type of sponsorship, recognition will be given through e-mail blasts, social media, and on signage at the event.

What is the Copeland Community?

Using the power of social media, the Copeland Industrial Park can remain connected at all hours of the day and night, ready to share important information with members in real-time. Members will share current events, topics, and questions via the closed Facebook group and any information that is relevant to all Association members will be distributed as an e-mail blast as well.

Which mediums are used?

Copeland Community uses a few different platforms and mediums to communicate with our membership, depending on the urgency and the type of message.

Facebook is used for most general communication including questions, updates, and park happenings. E-mail is used for circumstances that require immediate attention by many members of the Association. This is usually used in conjunction with a post on the Copeland Community closed Facebook group. LinkedIn is used to share accomplishments of Association members and help promote member businesses.

What if I don't use social media?

You can request to be added to our call list for notification when important events occur to ensure that information is distributed appropriately. You can submit this request as a form on our contact page.

What is the State of the Park?

The State of the Park is a meeting for business owners in the Copeland Industrial Park. Over the course of a 90 minute lunch, updates on the Park will be given by CIPBA representatives and announcements will be made by business owners. After a brief update on the status of CIPBA, a short networking reception is held to end the meeting.

Who can attend?

Attendance is currently open to any interested businesses in the Copeland Industrial Park or surrounding area. Though this is currently the case, future years may limit representation to only CIPBA members.

Can I sponsor an event?

While sponsorships are not currently accepted for State of the Park, there is an option to host. Interested parties should reach out between November or December to prepare for the late March or early April meeting date. Please submit hosting requests via e-mail, or submit a form.